Ever wanted to know when an error happens, or track events and custom metrics in your Office document (Excel Workbook, Access project, Word Document, Powerpoint presentation,…) but on your user’s machine and all that in a real time?

Now you can with Microsoft Azure – Application Insights.

And VBA Telemetry Client enables you to use this powerful tool with your VBA Projects.

First, let me explain what is the VBA Telemetry Client.

VBA Telemetry Client

VBA Telemetry Client is a FREE little application that you need to install on a computer that you want to track. And that connects your VBA project (Excel Workbook, Access project, Word document, Powerpoint presentation,….) and Microsoft Azure – Application Insights.

VBA Telemetry Key

VBA Telemetry Key is a key that you need to insert in your VBA code if you don’t want, that every now and then, a message box pops up with the message that this is a FREE version of VBA Telemetry.

VBA Telemetry Keys are NOT mandatory, you can also use the VBA Telemetry Client without this key if you (or your users) don’t mind the message that pops up from time to time.

Free vs. Paid

Every VBA Telemetry Key is bound to Instrumentation Key that you get from Application Insights. In other words, “VBA Telemetry Key” and “Instrumentation Key” are Key Pairs (they only work together).

Once you get your VBA Telemetry Key for the Instrumentation Key, it will be valid FOREVER. 

And when you insert this VBA Telemetry Key into your document and give this new version of your document to the users, you and your users will never see the “FREE message” again.

How many VBA Telemetry Keys do I need?

The VBA Telemetry Key is bound to Instrumentation Key that you get from Microsoft Azure – Application Insights resource.

So for every Instrumentation Key you need one VBA Telemetry Key.

It all depends how you want to track your VBA projects. You can use one Azure Application Insights resource (so only one key) for all your projects (Excel workbooks/Access applications/Word documents/Powerpoint presentations)  or you can use separate resources for each of your projects.

You can buy as many VBA Telemetry Keys as you want.

Get your VBA Telemetry Keys here.


Your VBA Telemetry Keys will be valid FOREVER.