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VBA Telemetry Key


Start tracking usage of your Office documents NOW!

(Excel Workbooks, Access projects, Word Documents, Powerpoint Presentation,…)

There is NO hourly, monthly or yearly payments. This is ONE TIME PAYMENT!

Your VBA Telemetry Keys will be valid FOREVER!

Number of VBA Telemetry Keys:

20% DISCOUNT when ordering 5-19 Keys
50% DISCOUNT when ordering 20+ Keys


VBA Telemetry Key is a key that you need to insert in your VBA code if you don’t want, that every now and then, a message box pops up with the message that this is a FREE version of VBA Telemetry Client and if you want to use advanced features.

This VBA Telemetry Key is only for VBA Telemetry client and it doesn’t include Microsoft Azure costs.

Every VBA Telemetry Key is bound to Instrumentation Key that you got from Application Insights resource.

In other words, “VBA Telemetry Key” and “Instrumentation Key” are Key Pairs (they only work together).

Once you get (generate in your “My Account”) your VBA Telemetry Key for the Instrumentation Key, it will be valid FOREVER.

For more information What are VBA Telemetry keys or differences between FREE & Paid version, click here.

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