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How to Skyrocket your VBA Development Business

No matter if you are in VBA Development Business or in any other business, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one,  states Amy Gallo, from Harvard Business Review in her article. In that same article, she cites a research conducted by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company that shows increasing [...]

Security & PII with VBA Telemetry & Application Insights

VBA Telemetry client is just a small utility that bridges VBA Projects (Excel workbooks, Access Projects, Word Documents, Powerpoint presentations, ...) with Application Insights client from the .NET Framework, so we suggest that you read more about this info here. And on other pages from Microsoft that are related to Application Insights. We can say [...]

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Webinar: How to connect VBA & Azure Application Insights – To track Errors & Events from Excel

Till now Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint and other VBA developers had limited Error Handling possibilities in their VBA Projects. With VBA Telemetry client & Azure Application Insights now you can connect your files with Azure cloud to monitor and track Errors, Events, Custom Metrics. In this Webinar see how easy is to accomplish [...]

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How 1 VBA Error can Destroy your and your user’s Company

We programmers do not pay enough attention to error handling, but did you know that only 1 typo in your code can cause incredible damage.   "Houston, we have a Typo" One of the most expensive code error in history, the cost in today’s dollars: $135 million, was when it led to the destruction of [...]

What are VBA Telemetry Keys

Ever wanted to know when an error happens, or track events and custom metrics in your Office document (Excel Workbook, Access project, Word Document, Powerpoint presentation,...) but on your user's machine and all that in a real time? Now you can with Microsoft Azure - Application Insights. And VBA Telemetry Client enables you to use [...]

Full Guide: How to setup VBA Telemetry & Azure Application Insights to track usage of your VBA Project

Do you want to Log and Track events, metrics and errors from VBA (Usage & Performance of your Excel workbooks and (or) Access project) in real-time using Azure cloud? Then keep reading! This is a detailed guide for beginners and advanced users. Connect Excel, Access (or any other Office document that uses VBA) [...]